Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the bamboo sourced?

Bamboo Sourced In Jiangxi ChinaThe Bamboo used in Silk’n Soft is sourced from the province of Jiangxi, China

Is Silk’n Soft bathroom tissue manufactured using fair labour laws?

Yes, all of our manufactures must meet our Code of Ethical Purchasing Guide Lines.  China’s labour laws and human rights issues continue to improve as global pressure is applied and foreign corporations, such as True Earth Paper Corporation, are demanding better and ethical working conditions for their employees.

How is Silk’n Soft a more sustainable choice compared to traditional bathroom tissue made from trees?

Bamboo Is way better than deforestationThe use of bamboo prevents further deforestation of forests in North America and around the world. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in nature and can be frequently reharvested. Bamboo regrows from its root system and replanting is not necessary. Bamboo requires little water, no pesticides or fertilizers.

Is the manufacturing of this bathroom tissue a sustainable process?

We use a ‘closed loop’ system in the manufacturing of Silk’n Soft. This means that the water needed for the production process is recycled using 80% less water than normal tissue paper production.  Energy used for the pulp production process is bio-fuel instead of oil or gas. Our Tree Free pulp is treated using ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) process eliminating over 90% of dioxins being released into our environment.  As we continue to grow, we will move to other whitening alternatives to eliminate 100% dioxins.

Is bamboo bathroom tissue as soft as toilet paper made from trees?

Not only is Silk’n Soft as soft as other leading brands, it is also much better for the environment.

Is the harvesting of bamboo detrimental to long-term supplies?

Bamboo HarvestingNo, with more than 1400 varieties, bamboo is a member of the grass family and grows much like a weed. Some varieties can grow as much as one metre (40 inches) in a day.

Is the Panda Bear habitat impacted by the production of bathroom tissue?

Panda bears are found in the Chinese provinces of Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan and our bamboo grows in the province of Jiangxi. The variety of the bamboo for Silkn’Soft is not a food source for the Panda Bear. Great strides have been made in recent years in China to conserve the Giant Pandas through the establishment of Panda reserves.

How do you wash Dragon Towel?

Dragon Towels can be washed in a dishwasher or washing machine approximately 25 times. Every washing will make them more absorbent.  However, they should not be bleached nor put in the dryer, doing so will reduce the life of the towels.

Can Dragon Towels be used in cooking – such as wrapping food in the microwave?

Dragon Towels are not designed to be used for cooking either in the microwave or oven.  They are meant to be used for cleaning.